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Receive VoIP Settings for WAKWAK Phone

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WAKWAK that is a ISP provides IP phone, the free to deal, by the name of “WAKWAK Phone”. It need to have a IP phone that is implemented “voip-setup.cgi” as root of HTTP. But I want to save VoIP’s settings into a router, so I made receive VoIP’s settings software.


  1. Clone code from GitHub

  2. Run receive VoIP’s settings software

  3. Access to WAKWAK Online User Support

  4. Reconfigure terminal infomation
  5. Save terminal configuration password
  6. Receive e-mail that is written the configuration URL
  7. Access the URL, maybe it likes ”
  8. Automatically be redirected to ”” by JavaScript if URL above
  9. Input the configuration password that is saved
  10. Input “machine:8989” and submit, “machine” is your machine’s IP address or hostname
    • Settings is written in hidden parameter in this page
  11. Look at logs of receive VoIP’s settings software, settings is outputed