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File Binder for Octopress Released

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File Binder for Octopress

It is difficult to attach some images or other files on a entry. This plugin supports it very easy.


Install to plugins directory.

If you wrote a entry in “source/posts/YYYY-DD-MM-title-of-a-entiry.markdown”, you can attach the files that are given the name of “source/posts/YYYY-DD-MM-title-of-a-entiry_filename-of-image.png” for example. The attached file puts out into the same directory of the entry by the name of “filename-of-image.png”, in this case it is “public/blog/YYYY/DD/MM/title-of-a-entry/filename-of-image.png”. You can refer the files from the entry by img or others tags.

Replace “./” that is head of src in a img tag with config[‘url’] + “/blog/YYYY/DD/MM/title-of-a-entry/”. config[‘url’] is written in _config.yml with “url: “. So src is published absolute path without problems if you write {% img ./filename-of-image.png %}.

Support customized permalink in _config.yml that is different from “/blog/:year/:month/:day/:title/”.


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Receive VoIP Settings for WAKWAK Phone

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WAKWAK that is a ISP provides IP phone, the free to deal, by the name of “WAKWAK Phone”. It need to have a IP phone that is implemented “voip-setup.cgi” as root of HTTP. But I want to save VoIP’s settings into a router, so I made receive VoIP’s settings software.


  1. Clone code from GitHub

  2. Run receive VoIP’s settings software

  3. Access to WAKWAK Online User Support

  4. Reconfigure terminal infomation
  5. Save terminal configuration password
  6. Receive e-mail that is written the configuration URL
  7. Access the URL, maybe it likes ”
  8. Automatically be redirected to ”” by JavaScript if URL above
  9. Input the configuration password that is saved
  10. Input “machine:8989” and submit, “machine” is your machine’s IP address or hostname
    • Settings is written in hidden parameter in this page
  11. Look at logs of receive VoIP’s settings software, settings is outputed

New Post for GitHub Pages With Octopress

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It’s very easy and be benefited, make sure you try them out.


  • easy to embed gist
  • easy to syntax highlighting
  • easy to write with chosen notation, markdown and others
  • GitHub provides hosting

One of the perils of this way is ability to handle a lot of access. I want to know how far GitHub Pages can scales.

Technologies used

  • GitHub Pages
  • Octopress
  • Jekyll (internal)


Preview for Octopress
$ rake preview

And access localhost:4000 in a web browser. It’s very easy.

Referred page

Deploying to Github Pages